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SBS Filipino 2020

By Mini Pinoy Grill | February 19, 2020

Mini Pinoy Grill – All Purpose Marinade | Story Spotlight featured on SBS Filipino 2020, Check out their podcast interview and blog


Secret Marinade

By Mini Pinoy Grill | August 22, 2018

Newcastle singer, songwriter and musician Crocqhenri Lucero – better known as Crocq – says he “makes music to feed your soul”.

Kickstarter Image

We are Officially Getting Saucy – On Kickstarter

By Mini Pinoy Grill | August 7, 2018

“Looking for a new flavour to spice up your next dinner? Then why not bring that authentic Filipino BBQ taste home with Mini Pinoy Grill All Purpose Marinade!

Crocq, Chill and Dad

Official Dates (Pop-up Restaurant)

By Mini Pinoy Grill | August 3, 2018

Mini Pinoy Grill Official Dates: July, 2018 30th – Monday Pinoy Grill31st  – Tuesday Adobo Delights August, 2018 6th – Monday (Closed)7th – Monday (Closed)8th – Wednesday – Kickstarter Launch 13th – Monday Pinoy Grill14th – Tuesday Adobo Delights 20th – Monday Pinoy Grill21st – Tuesday Adobo Delights 27th – Monday Pinoy Gill28th – Tuesday Adobo Delights…

What does pinoy mean?

What Does ‘Pinoy’ Mean?

By Mini Pinoy Grill | September 12, 2016

So whats does ‘Pinoy’ mean you ask? Well According to Google:Pinoyˈpɪnɔɪ/adjective 1.relating to the Philippines or the Filipinos.“a Pinoy dish” noun 1.a person of Filipino origin or descent; a Filipino.“the team was met by local officials and fellow Pinoys wanting to lend their support” Or in other words ‘Ozzie’ to Australian is ‘Pinoy’ to Philippino

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